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The Menuchah Principle Experiential Dating Workshop.
This ten session program has the power to be one of the most dynamic, growth enhancing experiences of your life, as it has for countless former singles who are now happily married. It is focused on:

1. Finding and deepening your relationship with your True Life Partner
2. Learning to be and express your True-in the Moment-Self
3. Experiencing and living within your deeper Jewish Self.

In this ten teleconferencing workshop, Shaya Ostrov, L.C.S.W., author of the Menuchah Principle in Dating and Marriage and The Inner Circle, 7 Gates to Marriage, will guide you through a treasure trove of knowledge, experiences, insights and game changing skills that you never believed you possessed.
The workshop program covers these areas:

1. Understanding the Impact of DADD Dating Attention Deficit Disorder and the Weapons of Mass Distraction
2. Learning to Live in The Moment through Menuchas Hanefesh and Tranquility
3. Cultivating your Five Dimensions of Self
4. Understanding the Power of Transformation
5. Acquiring Transformational Skills

a. Meditative
b. Cognitive
c. Interpersonal

1. Learning The EMBERS Approach to Relationship Building

a. Expressions
b. Moods
c. Behavior
d. Enjoyment
e. Religious Fulfillment
f. Sensitivity to your Life Journey

With each session you will experience a deepening sense of your own tranquil dimension of self emerging. It will express itself in every area of your life, especially in your dating, self-esteem and relationship building.

The ten session Menuchah Principle Experiential Dating Workshop is just $295.00. Please send us your name and email and we’ll get back to you with our current presentation schedule.