Shockingly valuable and far reaching

The observations and guidance that Mr. Ostrov has identified in his book, reach far wider than marriage. He is humble about his knowledge, and is thus much more trustworthy than the usual sales pitch. He gives real tools, instead of using his book as a springboard for selling other items and office visits. His tools start working immediately, and are deeply insightful. I love how he gives his references, and explains the ancient thoughts behind his observations. He also is very open to marrying modern psychology with ancient jewish philosophical observations tested over eons. While this book comes from deep inside the orthodox jewish community, the knowledge and insights could be valuable to so many. (As my friend said, when I mentioned that I wanted to send the book to someone else: “Are you trying to acheive world peace by getting his book out?!” My friend and I were both astonished at how he “hit the nail on the head”, then gives specific management instructions. After 15 years of seeking professional guidance through several relations, I believe I have found a profesional with the guidance of thousands of years and repeated testing and observations behind him, and the humility and clarity to write a truly helpful book. One example: Everyone says that being happy is a choice, and that you just have to “think positive”. All of us who have tried and failed, know that that simplicity is nonsense. And he agrees. He teaches how to filter. This is the REAL “The Secret”.
By IReadALot .