Reviews for “The menucha principle to shidduchim dating and engagement”

“Your book is wonderful, thank you. It articulates everything I have felt for a long time but was not able to name or diagnose.”

RebbetzinTehilla Jaeger in a message to Kallohs wrote:
“You owe it to yourself to read and re-read the life tranasforming book.”

“This book is what you hope all dating books will be. In Shaya’s clear and compassionate writing I could see myself and feel my own struggles with dating acknowledged and validated. This in itself was healing. Then through Torah wisdom and his own 25 years of very personal counseling with singles, Shaya helped me understand the source of my pain and struggle. This brought clarity. Lastly, he taught several tools and practices that were deep and truly effective at bringing me into a new space… that culminated in my becoming a kallah after many years of dating, BH!, and will serve me well transitioning into married life.”

“first I’d like to thank you so much for helping organize the menucha workshop that i have participated in through chayafeldstein. it has been extremely instrumental in helping achieve a really positive frame of mind and strong positive attitude towards dating and shidduchim that i hope will hold me up when i will have the zechus to finally meet zivug.
i know we had to cancel the last meeting last night. alot of us have finished the book and are working on a second round! however it is difficult to have ongoing meetings in far rockaway because of the distance and i was wondering if when we are able to schedule a final meeting, if we can sort of structure it as a siyum-type session. not that we are closing the book on the menucha principle chasv’shalom, but just as a way to bridge us to the next chapter where we will learn and move forward more on our own.
thank you again for your wonderful life changing book! we all cannot thank you enough for the menucha that you have provided for us in this very challenging time of our life.”