The Board Game: Journey Through The Seven Gates

For Singles:
How can you transform dating into a meaningful relationship building opportunity, rather than random exchanges that lack direction and momentum?

For Married Couples: How can you learn more about each other--your wishes, aspirations, and meaningful moments--in an interesting, light, and playful interaction?

The Answer:
Journey through the 7 Gates is a board game. It provides an effective structure for communicating about who you are and learning about your partner—your families and backgrounds, goals and aspirations, strengths and vulnerabilities, personalities and natures, interests and meaningful life experiences, challenges and needs. The game is based on The Fable of the 7 Gates, in which a Prince and Princess living in an enchanted land pass through 7 Gates on the road to marriage.

I invite you to utilize Journey through the 7 Gates on your next date. It is much more than a game; it is a shared learning and relationship building experience that facilitates effective dating and takes dating to new levels of meaning and mutual discovery. Create wonderful dialogues about your dreams, wishes, cherished memories and special people in your lives as you progress together through the 7 Gates. This is much more than a game. It is a shared learning and relationship building experience.

The game comes complete with carrying bag, board, cards and game pieces for $25.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling.

Price: $30.00

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