Dating & Engagement

Menuchas Hanefesh will guide you to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your dating partner, your chosson or kallah. It will enable you to quiet the fears and anxieties, while enhancing positive, deep and very human feelings that serve as the foundation that lead to loving and fulfilling marriages. The transformation is forever…

  • Join a Menuchah Principle Support Group in relationship building, for men or women.
  • Schedule a Menuchah Principle Dating and Engagement workshop in your home, shul or community.
  • Read the Menuchah Principle in Shidduchim, Dating and Engagement- alone or together.
  • Listen to Menuchas Hanefesh Dating and Engagement Workshop through our CD collection or downloads.
  • Schedule a consultation to bring Menuchas Hanefesh into your dating relationship or engagement.
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